Council Tax Discount

Did you know that as an Apprentice you could be eligible for a discount on Council Tax?

If you earn less than £196 per week before tax and insurance, and are enrolled onto a government funded Apprenticeship, you could qualify for a 25% discount on the Council Tax bill on the property where you live. If you live in a property where there are only Apprentices, then the discount may be up to 50%.

In order to claim the discount, you will need to complete an application form for your local council. In most cases your employer will need to sign the form and most councils will ask to see a copy of your Apprenticeship Agreement as proof of your enrollment.

CareSkills can provide you with a copy of your Agreement and we have copies of discount forms for most councils in Yorkshire. Ask your trainer for more information when you see them next or have a look at this website: Council Tax Discounts